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Updated: Dec 11, 2021


The Nature of Astral Projection

(What astral projection is and is not.)

We live at a time when increasing numbers of people are having out of-body experiences. Many of them are young. Most often they are teenagers. Some of their experiences result from the taking of psychedelic drugs. More often it is because they are psychic in some way. We overlook the fact that this is an Age in which the young people of today are far more spiritually developed than their parents. Such precocious spirituality is typical of any New Age. This phenomenon will go on increasing as the Age of Aquarius blossoms. More especially will it be accelerated by the period of 1975 to A.D. 2000 for, in this twenty five years, it is said that the Mysteries will be restored and that already an effort by Five great Masters of the Wisdom towards this end has begun.

When such young people tell their psychiatrists of their out-of-body experiences, they get little understanding in return. They are told that their experiences are hallucinatory and should be ignored and even avoided. But to thousands of mankind, out-of-body experiences are not confused with dreams and hallucinations. There is a tremendous difference. Out-of-body means just that. The physical body was left behind in bed whilst the consciousness dwelt in some other vehicle of consciousness, usually a replica of the physical but far more ethereal or ephemeral. Such is the reality of the experience that no other possible interpretation for it can be given by the one experiencing it than that of astral projection, i.e.

projection away from the physical body in an astral body...

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