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Another Round of Goodies!

Hello All!

Well it is Tuesday again, and here I am putting up various goodies for everyone!

It is GORGEOUS outside... did I say GORGEOUS? LOL the birds are having a sing fest, and its so nice to listen to. The sun is warm, the sky is blue. All seems right with the world!

So that being said, please enjoy the following attachments!

Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

Dame Gabby - A Tarot History Timeline
Download PDF • 752KB

Commentary on the Seal of the Nine Angles
Download PDF • 10KB

Coelum Philosophorum - Paracelsus
Download PDF • 132KB

Chaldean Oracles
Download PDF • 97KB

Black Witchcraft
Download PDF • 169KB

Ceremonial Magic Unveiled - D Fortune
Download PDF • 217KB

Bealtaine Circle Of The Dark Moon
Download PDF • 205KB

Basic Technologies of Witchcraft
Download PDF • 25KB

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