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Another Day of Occult Goodies!

Hello All!

Ah it's such a beautiful day! Birds are singing and the sun is shining. Let us remember all those going through horrible floods and send our deepest love.

Today's offerings is another miscellaneous group of wonder things, learning is good! The reason I have such a diverse set of topics and categories in the store, is we need to read everything. That way we have a well rounded education. That being said, Enjoy!

Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

Secret of the Gothick God of Darkness
Download PDF • 22KB

Public Contents of the Book of Shadows
Download PDF • 295KB

Download PDF • 40KB

Path of Initiation
Download PDF • 21KB

Names And Images - Golden Dawn Egyptian Mythology - Kupperman
Download PDF • 82KB

Mirror of Alchemy
Download PDF • 41KB

Magic of Illuminnates - Carroll Peter
Download PDF • 30KB

Furtkamp, Robert - Subtle Union
Download PDF • 138KB

Book T-The Tarot
Download PDF • 99KB

A Tract of Great Price
Download PDF • 48KB

Baphomantis Luciferian-Satanic Mass
Download PDF • 11KB

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