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Hello All!

Well I am adding a lot of books, bought another 3,000! LOL sucker for punishment??

It takes a long time to upload, I have to sort them, then do the covers and find the right description, make a link, then upload. I get about 20 or 30 per day if I work at it. So at this rate, in about 5 months I should have them ALL up. Many of you already know I am also dealing with my hubby's cancer and tons of trips to the hospital 200+ miles away.. so there will be days I can't upload...

Many, many new titles to add with the current collections/ just takes time, but I love doing it, right now there are 4401 books uploaded. It took me over 6 months to get the originals uploaded....

So, keep checking back and scan the collections, you might find something you want.

Blessed Be!

~Sacred Feather

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