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Adding Knowledge

Hello All!

With this cold winter weather, find some time to read and increase your knowledge. Put more pages in your Book of Shadows....nice, easy, warm and tucked inside on these days!

Here are today's papers.


Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

love perfume
Download PDF • 16KB

Invocation of Our Lord of Midnight, Mahazhael-Deval
Download PDF • 16KB

Influence Of The Phallic Idea - C Wake
Download PDF • 326KB

Fr Sadashtor - Dagon Rising
Download PDF • 108KB

How to Summon Demons
Download PDF • 89KB

De Heptarchia Mystica
Download PDF • 420KB

Crowley - The Message of the Master Therion
Download PDF • 104KB

Appologia Alchymiae - R W Councell
Download PDF • 220KB

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